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Jim Casey,  Founder of Game Show Trivolution

Jim has been in the entertainment business since 1985 as a radio & TV host, weekly newspaper columnist and 12 years as a Full-Time wedding DJ. 

In 2010, while bored out of his mind one night, Jim decided to venture out to a local trivia night. Not liking what he saw, he decided to create his own trivia night concept complete with a Game Show concept. It worked and now Jim is a full-time Trivia & Game Show host in locations from Naples and Fort Myers to Sarasota, Bradenton and Tampa and Orlando. He is the guy to call for your corporate parties and team building events as well.

David Abolafia, Two-Time Jeopardy Champion, The Chase Game Show Contestant, Improv Comic

We met David 12 years after he won $42,000 on Jeopardy. He and his team “Fluffy Buck”  started playing the game show at our Clark Road Applebee’s location and absuolutely dominated.

One location he played at actually FIRED our show because nobody else could win.

After that, Jim asked him to be a host for his own weekly show. He’s been hosting for the company ever since

David continues to impress with his trivia knowledge as he competed on the TV Game Show “The Chase” in 2022. We won’t know how he did until it airs.