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Jukebox Bingo

Jukebox Bingo – “It’s Bingo with a Musical Twist!”

Jukebox Bingo is toe tapping, foot stomping, hands waving fun. We’ve replaced the numbers and letters with your favorite songs throughout the years.

Your host Jim Casey will announce the theme for each game such as current Top 40, Oldies, Classic Rock, 80s One Hit Wonders, Disco, Reggae, and so many more. Then, the winning pattern is revealed: one line, two lines, a letter pattern or even a coverall.  Jim will call the song and artist, throw in a quick factoid. Then, you mark them off on your bingo card. Simple, but lots of fun!

Jim encourages you to enjoy the music and singalong with your friends, family and co-workers when playing – BUT don’t enjoy the music so much that you forget to shout “Bingo”….actually…JUKEBOX BINGO!

when you get the winning pattern.

Jukebox Bingo can be enjoyed in restaurants and bars, for corporate events, kids parties, fundraisers or 55 plus communities. This is a game designed with all ages in mind.

Watch the video below, then contact Jim Casey at 941-227-5900 to book your Jukebox Bingo event.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a gambling event.