Florida Game Show

P.O. Box 7111, Sun City, Florida 33586-7111

      +1 941-227-5900


Live Event Schedule

Game Show Trivolution can provide your patrons with a fun and truly engaging experience with our Smartphone Trivia Game Show and Music Experience. This is the only trivia show in the Bradenton and Sarasota area that provides live Game Show styled excitement with the best music and offers prizes that others only dream of. The live event schedule for 2022 is below.


The show incorporates fun music from any generation along 21st Century technology and a fast-paced trivia & game show experience that allows you to turnover tables and quickly as you would normally expect to.

Teams return week after week to their favorite places to play and our unique program also allows you to earn revenue from our players all week long, not just the night of the show.

We provide professional sound, music and of course all of the questions on just about any subject each week. We can even do a themed night at your request. The possibilities are endless!

Watch the two minute video below for an introduction to our show and concepts.

Download the Speedquizzing app (Version 5.2.1) to your phone or tablet (even Kindle) by clicking on one of the links. The app will ONLY work at one of our shows.


When you arrive to play, make sure to place your device in Airplane mode, then turn on wi-fi and look for the “Game” network. It does NOT connect to the internet, just to the Game Show itself.

What are you waiting for, check the schedule and map above to see where we are playing…