Florida Game Show

4530 S. Orange Blossom Trail #1073
          Orlando, Florida 32839

      +1 941-227-5900



1. Are you an actual Game Show Host?
Yes. I have been in the business for over 20 years creating parodies of some of my favorite game shows.

2. Do you represent any of the TV Game Shows?
Absolutely not. My company entertains small parties for people that want the game show experience (or at least very close to it). 

3. What type of game shows do you offer for corporate events?
Game Show Trivolution offers our versions of classic TV Game Shows and has created a couple unique to our company.

4. Can the game show be customized to fit our company’s culture and values?
It most certainly can. Jim Casey will customize a game show for you.

5. How long does the game show typically last?
The sweet spot is 90 minutes, but you can book longer if needed. 

6. How many people can participate in the game show?
This depends on which game show(s) you choose. Some require just 1-2 players, others require 8-10 players. We even have game shows that everyone participates.

7. What type of equipment and technology is required for the game show?
We bring the equipment such as consoles, screens and projectors, computers, speakers, etc

8. Can the game show be played both indoors and outdoors?

9. How much space is needed for the game show setup?
This depends on which game show(s) you choose. Some require at least 20 feet of clearance between the show set and the audience. Others need only a few feet of space.

10. What is the cost of the game show?
To determine pricing, we have to factor where the show is, day/night of the week, time and length as well as customization.

11. What is included in the cost of the game show?
The equipment used for setup and the host as well as any assistants.

12. How far in advance do we need to book the game show?
The further in advance, the more likely we have availability. At least six months is a good rule of thumb, though we do sometimes have last minute availability as well. 

13. What is the cancellation policy for the game show?
There are cancellation fees as outlined in our contract.

14. Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?
Absolutely! We have many satisfied clientele over the years.

15. What is the experience level of the game show host and production team?
Jim Casey has been hosting game shows since 2003. David Abolafia has hosted with us since 2017.

16. What happens if there are technical difficulties during the game show?
Unlike TV where mistakes can be edited out, we have to rectify any mistakes made in real-time.