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Team Building


Why does it make sense to use Game Show Trivolution and our game shows as a way to Team Build?

1. Communicate and Collaborate Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines IT Department had faced a lot of turnover in recent times and needed a way to mesh the seasoned veterans with the noobs (their spelling!). We used some fun and simple games to help everyone understand that every cog in the unit is important and through good communication would continue to work like a well-oiled machine.

2. Relationship Building and Networking Volkswagen North America had me host and event focused on building relationships. We gave them an activity that allowed the participants to meet new people in a fun and inviting way. The result was a sales staff that was more focused on meeting and greeting new potential clientele at a record pace.

3. Make Learning Fun A dentist office up in Maine wanted to do something that would help their employees through some very dry materials. We formulated a Game Show that kept everyone engaged and learning the material.

Do you know how much your new employee has learned about your company, it’s culture and your expectations of them? How are they going to fit in with the team?

The bottom line is that we can help with your next corporate training session conducted utilizing our fun and exciting Game Shows.

I’ll help you formulate questions that are company or industry specific, such as recent training material. 

Whatever the case, we will make your next Team Building event fun and memorable for all the right reasons!

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