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Team Building

Why does it make sense to use a Game Show as a way to Team Build? Here are a few reasons

1. Communicate and Collaborate

I did an event in the Miami area for Royal Carribean Cruise Lines IT Department. They had a lot of turnover in recent times and needed a way to mesh the seasoned veterans with the noobs (spelled like geek on purpose!)
Simple games were used to make everyone understand that every cog in the unit is important and through good communication would continue to work like a well-oiled machine.

2. Relationship Building and Networking
An event I did for Volkswagen North America focused on building relationships by giving them a simple activity that allowed the participants to meet new people in a fun and inviting way. The result was a sales staff that was more focused on meeting and greeting new potential clientele at a record pace.

3. Make Learning Fun
A dentist office up in Maine wanted to do something that would help their employees through some very dry materials. We formulated a Game Show that kept everyone engaged and learning the material.

So, any idea how much YOUR new employee has learned about your company or it’s expectations of them? How are they going to fit in with the team?

Get some knowledge by having your next corporate training session conducted with our fun and exciting Corporate Game Show Trivolution.

I’ll help you formulate questions that are company or industry specific. Maybe it will cover the training material you recently went over. I bring the Game Show to you with teams competing with player podiums, buzzers and sound effects just like on TV!

If you are a party planner looking for a unique Entertainment choice for your Corporate Party in Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa, St. Petersburg, St. Pete, Clearwater, Riverview, or Venice or anywhere in Florida or the East Coast of the US from Maine to Miami, then Corporate Game Show Trivolution is for you.

Corporate Game Show Trivolution is fun, energetic, and can be easily integrated with Jim Casey’s massive music collection and his 25 + years of DJ Entertainment experience. Call Jim Casey at 941.227.5900 today!