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About Jim

jim150Let me tell you a story about a fat guy who has no musical talent, no singing prowess, no dancing ability, yet somehow survives 25 plus years in the Entertainment industry.

Hello, my name is Jim Casey and I am a Game Show Host.

Say What???

Yes, a Game Show Host. Stop laughing. Seriously, stop laughing. Let me explain.

I was always the geeky kid that knew a little bit about a lot of things. Usually, enough to make my knowledge dangerous…to myself. In High School, I thought I would be a TV Weatherman. Then that whole knowledge of science thing and breaking an $80 slinky in chemistry class got in the way. Plus, I love sports.

In the interim, I penned a newspaper column for a local weekly newspaper…at 14! Then, my attention turned to radio, then TV, then radio again, then TV again, with a lot of fast food jobs in between. I got fired a total of 21 times in 9 years. Impressive, eh?

I decided on a whim to try my hands at Mobile DJing in 1997. For whatever reason, this seemed to fit me well. My previous radio experience gave me tons of music knowledge along with lots of public speaking opportunities. Despite my lack of dancing ability, I climbed to the elite (is there such a thing) of the Mobile DJ game in the mid 2000s. That meant I could afford to stop eating Macaroni and Cheese for dinner every night. After five years of this, I decided to throw it all away to move to Florida in search of warmer climes.

Am I nuts? Yeah, probably.

Long story short, I reinvented myself in Florida, devised a concept called Game Show Trivolution, and became a Full-Time Game Show Host in 2010.

After over 350 shows since August 2010, I would say that is working out pretty well. The Trivia Revolution has begun…embrace it!