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Mike Cotting – INDUCTED June 2012

cottingThis is the first person/team to be a 10-time champion at Game Show Trivolution and was in the Final 4 over 75% of the time when we played our Game Show at The King George Pub in Sarasota from January to September 2011.

Jim Casey refers to him as the class clown, but he was one of Jim’s favorite players. Why? Because any guess was a good guess according to Mike. Some of the guesses he gave to Final 4 questions were legendarily funny including this

Question: “There are two of something called atria in the human body–where are they?”

Answer: Pancreas!

That answer made Jim and everyone around him laugh for almost 15 minutes. There were other funny answers, but that may have been the best.

Despite the funny, Mike would steamroll the competition winning 11 of the 34 games we played at the KGP.