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Game Show Fun for Everyone

Hollywood may not be calling you to play a game show, so we bring the game show to you!

Corporate Team Building

If your business is in need of helping build a strong team, let Game Show Trivolution help with innovative and fun events.

Jukebox Bingo

It's Bingo with a Musical Twist! We replace the numbers and letters you are used to from traditional bingo games with song titles are the artists that sang them. Lots of fun for all ages!


High energy fun activity featuring the kids' favorite camp games and our game show with age appropriate questions.

Game Shows and Trivia Events

Learn about the many different types of shows done by Game Show Trivolution.

Best of Game Shows

Play our versions of classic Game Shows called Trepidation, Spin For Fortune and Feuding Fun.

Smartphone Trivia Game Show

Play our weekly events at locations throughout the Sarasota and Bradenton areas. Consult the schedule to the right.

Jukebox Bingo

It's "Bingo with a Musical Twist"! We replace numbers and letters with your favorite songs and and artists.


High energy Game Show for ages 8-15 with fun, crazy challenges, age-correct questions and game show excitement.

Latest News from GST

These is a rundown of what is happening with the area's premier Sarasota Trivia and Bradenton Trivia provider.

Number 12 for Beach Bums

It was a strange scene when my laptop decided to randomly do a Windows update right the fifth round. We also had a team with draw from there GST points bank account for the first time as the beach bum[...]

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Champions Tournament X Fit To Be Tied

We had the wildest finish I could have possibly imagined for Champions Tournament X at the Braden River Applebee’s. 2 Bits had a three point lead going into the final night and were in great sha[...]

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Fluffy Buck Not So Fluffy During Game Show

One of the most dominant performances we’ve seen in recent memory happened at the Clark Road Applebee’s tonight. Fluffy Buck had played our game show last month and won then as well. Tonig[...]

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Motorboat Wins Thriller for 4th Title

Another thriller at Wolves Head Pizza and Wings as the Final 4 Game Show came down to a playoff question. This time, the Beach Bums were not able to ring in fast enough as Team Motorboat answered corr[...]

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Record 173 Players at River Wilderness

We had a record setting night at our first game show at River Wilderness in Parrish. 18 teams with 173 people competed as they made the transition from pen and paper to the Smartphone Trivia Game Show[...]

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2nd Team to Win Twice in One Night

Two wins in two locations in one night had only been accomplished by one other team before tonight. They followed that their earlier win with a dominating win at the Clark Road Applebee’s while [...]

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Beach Bums 2nd Win This Week, 8th Overall

It was a huge night for the Beach Bums as they played and won at both of our locations. First, they were able to get the early lead in Champions Tournament XI at Wolves Head Pizza and Wings by getting[...]

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Superchiefs Prove Super For #20

Last night was a triumphant return to the Ellenton Applebee’s for one of our hall of fame teams. Quiz bowl national champion and part time host of our show Michael Moore celebrated his birthday [...]

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Record Low Scoring Team Becomes Champ

We had a strange, record breaking night at the Clark Road Applebee’s in Sarasota. Seven teams played most of the night. For round five, an eighth team joined and broke three records. The team, n[...]

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Game Show Options

Which of these Game shows would work for you?

  • Classic Game Shows

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  • Game Show Trepidation
  • Spin For Fortune
  • Feuding Fun
  • Obscurity Squares
  • Hi-Lo Game Show
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  • Weekly Game Show

  • Call for Pricing
  • Bars, Taverns, Restaurants
  • Based on a 13 Week Agreement
  • Shows Average 75-90 Minutes
  • Teams Can Win Our Cash Prizes
  • Fill Your Place On a Slower Night
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  • Children's Game Shows

  • Call for Pricing
  • Bubble Parties for Ages 3-8
  • Campardy for Ages 8-15
  • Jukebox Bingo for All Ages
  • Next Line Please for Teenagers
  • Age Appropriate Questions
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Best Teams

These are the best teams to ever play Game Show Trivolution

Hall of Fame Induction Team: October 2012, Allen Garner (right): August 2015

Dangerously Average

72 Trivolution Championships

Hall of Fame Induction July 2014

2 Bits

53 Trivolution Championships

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24 Trivolution Championships

Hall of Fame Induction October 2012


21 Trivolution Championships

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