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Trade Show Buzz

Looking for that fresh, innovative way to get people to your trade show booth? Let Game Show Trivolution “Create the BUZZ with our Game Show Buzzers” using our Face-Off system.

Our compact system is effective at drawing a crowd to your booth. Once they are there, it is up to you to work your magic.

Here’s how it works: You can provide me with questions and answers about your product or let me utilize my 10 plus years of Game Show experience and write the questions for you. During the trade show, I will be there to personally setup the game and allow the magic of Game Show Trivolution to take over. I encourage you to leave not-so-subtle hints to the answers at your trade show booth. The goal is to get people to learn about your company.

We create the buzz, you close the deal, that’s what it is all about with the Game Show Trivolution Trade Show Buzz Package.

Be the trade show booth that will leave everyone talking about your company. Call Jim Casey at 941.227.5900 and let’s work together to get you the business you deserve!