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David Wins $350 Bonus Game for Fluffy Buck

David Abolafia and his family team Fluffy Buck have been playing our Smartphone Trivia Game Show for the past few months. They have quickly become a dominant force and win at an astounding rate of 88% of the games they play. This is not so surprising when you find out that David is a 2-Time […]

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Will Smith Wins $333 Bonus Game

It only took 27 shows over the past few weeks to give us our first ever Big Money Bonus Game Winner. The Real Will Smith, a solo player that plays the game at the Creekwood Applebee’s was able to get 10 correct answers despite missing two in the first stage of the game to claim […]

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Champions Tournament XI Dominated by Beach Bums

We have a winner of Champions Tournament XI at Wolves Head Pizza & Wings. The Beach Bums basically led from Week 1 on and even become the first team to ever win a tournament despite missing one of the weeks. They were simply dominant. Team Motorboat ended as the runner-ups. #speedquizzing #smartphonetriviagameshow #champions #championstournamentxi #bradenton […]

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