Monthly Archives: May 2016

Will Smith Wins $333 Bonus Game

It only took 27 shows over the past few weeks to give us our first ever Big Money Bonus Game Winner. The Real Will Smith, a solo player that plays the game at the Creekwood Applebee’s was able to get 10 correct answers despite missing two in the first stage of the game to claim […]

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Fluffy Buck Now 10-For-10

Fluffy Buck continues to rewrite the record books of Game Show Trivolution as they won their 10th Trivolution Championship on Sunday at the Creekwood Applebee’s. They are the only team in our history to win all 10 of their first 10 game shows. They will go for number 11 next Sunday at 7 PM. #bradentontrivia […]

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Beer 30 is Number One For a Night

Our 1980s retro week concluded with a brand new champ at the Braden River Applebee’s. Congratulations to Beer 30 in winning their 1st Trivolution Championship. We will be back next Thursday at 8:30. #bradenton #applebees #applebeestrivia #bradentontrivia #speedquizzing #smartphonetriviagameshow #941

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