Monthly Archives: February 2016

Winos Win 1st Title, Nearly Get $500

A wild Smartphone Trivia Game Show at the Braden River Applebee’s ended with a first-time champion. The Winos have been close before, but finally broke through to win their first Trivolution Championship. In the process, they became the first team in our history to get to the $500 question in their first attempt at the […]

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Record Low Scoring Team Becomes Champ

We had a strange, record breaking night at the Clark Road Applebee’s in Sarasota. Seven teams played most of the night. For round five, an eighth team joined and broke three records. The team, named Tequila Mockingbird Squared (not to be confused with our Jamaica Breeze team) played only 10 questions and managed to qualify […]

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Four Horsemen Get Three-Peat

We had 15 teams go back and forth all night at Wolves Head Pizza and Wings. One team leapfrogged two others with the final question of Round 5 to make it to the Final 4 Game Show. However, it was Four Horsemen who took their 12th Trivolution Championship. We will be back next Wednesday at […]

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