Monthly Archives: January 2016

Champions Tournament X Update Week 4

** CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT X UPDATE ** as of January 28, 2016 at Braden River Applebee’s Through Week 4 of 10 KEY: Place, AT=Attendance Bonus, RW=Round Winner PR=Perfect Round, SCB= Suggested Category Bonus, CH= Champ Bonus For Trend: ↑= Up from last week with number of spots ↓= Down from last week with number of spots […]

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Four Wins in Nine Days Makes Them Truly Dynamic

In their first six months with us, the Dynamic Duo had just two wins. In the last nine days, they have been on a tear winning four times including tonight’s repeat at the Braden River Applebee’s. They now have a total of six Trivolution Championships. They are only the second team to have two consecutive […]

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Boo Boo Buns Not Hurting With First Win

At the Clark Rd. Applebee’s we had a dramatic one question playoff which resulted in a brand new champion. When the Cochise Cowboys incorrectly answered the playoff question Boo Boo Buns became a first time champ. They will try for a repeat next Wednesday at 9

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