Monthly Archives: December 2015

Womb-mates Make Good Teammates

Our final game show at Wolves Head Pizza & Wings before Christmas gave us plenty of drama as seven teams had a chance to get a spot in the final four game show in the final question of round five. During the final four, it came down to a tie-breaking question which Dangerously Average missed […]

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The Bums Have Three

It was a bit of an unusual night at the Applebee’s | ELLENTON with teams from our other locations meeting up to play against one another. In the end, the Beach Buns from our Jamaica Breeze Restaurant and Lounge show was the winner of their third Trivolution Championship. We will be back to play our […]

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Cheatin “inJesusName” Get You a Big Fat L

We in conjunction with Breezin’ Entertainment and Productions had a wild Corporate Trivolution Event with Acosta Sales & Marketing in Brandon. We had a first during our Spin For Fortune game show when a team named “injesusname” decided to try and cheat by texting each other the letters and to solve the puzzle. They. Failed. […]

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