Monthly Archives: October 2015

October 30 – November 5

SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED The 24th installment of the James Bond franchise is coming out in theaters this week. Let’s start by talking about 007 and the mean who have played him. For Daniel Craig, Spectre represents his last Bond film more than likely. Roger Moore, played Bond 007 times, the most of anyone. And, Pierce […]

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A First for Suck it Liberals

We had a first at the Applebee’s | BRADEN RIVER tonight. Team “Suck It Liberals” used all of their conservative might to wrestle the championship away from Dangerously Average. It is their first Trivolution Championship. They will have a chance to defend next Thursday at 8:30.

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Champions Tournament IX Update Week 7

** CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT IX UPDATE ** as of October 29, 2015 at Wolves Head Pizza & Wings Through Week 7 of 10 Six teams out of the 15 that played were new teams for the tournament. The final socres were so close that Dangeorusly average was bumped all the way to a 5th place finish. […]

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