Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sex Amigos. Win. Sex Amigos.

One of the best team names I’ve had all season won the Game Show Trivolution Championship at Somerset at the Plantation in Naples. The Sex Amigos snuck into the Final 4 Game Show and proceeded to win a close one for their first championship.

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2-Bits Take All-Time Wins Lead with 38th Victory

Adam Hong and Joe Warren have been playing our Game Show since June 2013 at the Braden River Applebee’s. They burst onto the scene as part of a foursome that won seven consecutive games in June and July of 2013, a feat that has never been matched. Now, just 21 months later, they have overtaken […]

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Record Night for the Wannabes in Naples

A great night of Game Show Trivolution at Riverstone in Naples ended with a new record in the Trepidation Round (Jeopardy) of our Final 4 as Matt of the Wannabes scored an astounding 38 points, besting his nearest competitor by 29. It is the first Trivolution Championship for the Wannabes. Congratulations!

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