Monthly Archives: October 2013

10-31-13: Sauron aka Riga is a Winner Again

Congratulations to Team Sauron (aka Riga) for winning their second Trivolution Championship at the Jamaica Breeze in Bradenton. This ties Riga for the all- time wins lead at Jamaica Breeze. We return in two weeks on November 14th.  

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10-18-13: Rex Car Notches #6

Rex Car is back in the winners circle at Findaddy’s in Sarasota.It’s their sixth Trivolution Championship. They go for number seven next Tuesday at 6:30.  

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10-18-13: Tournament Standings at Findaddy’s

Tournament Standings at Findaddys Week 2 of 10 1st Rex Car 29 2nd Double Trouble 26 3rd Cool Duck 16 4th Nautical Misfits 6 4th Go Bolts 6 6th Honace 4

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