Monthly Archives: February 2013

2-20-13: Perpetual Movers Won Despite Controversy at Ellenton Applebee’s

After much controversy, three teams were given a shot at $500 cash. Ultimately, the Perpetual Movers team was declared the Ellenton Applebee’s champ. They try to defend next Wednesday at 8:30.            

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2-19-13: Han Solo – Not a Jedi, a Trivolution Champ

Han Solo conquered the competition to win his first Trivolution Championship at the Braden River Applebee’s. He’ll try to defend next Tuesday at 7:00pm

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2-14-13: It’s Obama’s Fault Loves Breaking Records

The Jamrocks Jamaican Grill show ended with a new all-time scoring record of 367 by It’s Obama’s Fault who won their third Trivolution Championship.            

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